made with my love...

and with utmost care and attention



Absolutely perfect! What a beautiful tribute to my daughter at an amazing price. You can tell these are made with love. Thank you!!!

Lauren Delgros

Was exactly what I was looking for and absolutely love vibrant colors!!

Marnee Ellison

Oh Edit! Beautiful urn for my baby boy. The seller was professional. I recommend her.

Kristian Satterfield

My true story...

“Mom…. start to produce funerary urns" - message from my dead daughter

Dear Customers,

Let me share with you how and why I have begun to produce funerary urns.

I had a wonderful life and in November 2008 a diagnosis destroyed it for ever.. In the case of my wonderful daughter, the diagnosis of osteosarcoma was established. There was immense physical strength and spiritual force in my child, for she was struggling until the last minute and never gave it up. Unfortunatelly even this was insufficient…

On her birthday in the hour when she was born at the age of 21 she left us here for ever.

She left an enormous empty space behind that can’t be filled… I have fallen into a deep depression but in the middle of August 2013 after waking up in the morning the idea came to my mind:

“Mom…. start to produce funerary urns”…

Without any former education, I acted immediately and found a sculpture teacher who was pleased to accept this assignment and I was taking my first steps on my journey.

Each of my urns is made with my love, with utmost care and attention.

My primary motivation is not financial. I have a willingness to help. I am providing help and assistance for patients suffering of tumour or cancer providing medication and money for them. My dream is to establish a workshop where I can offer a job with a salary to those people who can not get hired into any long term position due to their sickness. I would like to offer them a chance to distract their everyday misery and sadness by creating ceramic pots and happy ceramic figures.

Thank you for reading my story.

All my best regards,